[Dialogue] ‘We’re focus on fast growing mid-sized companies’: new Japan-Russia fund’s chief

Shigeki Usuki, Chief Executive Officer at New Frontier Capital Management (Hong Kong). Photo supplied by Shigeki Usuki.

Japan’s digital transformation based on the active use of digital technologies. New opportunities for Japanese-Russian cooperation between enterprises, universities and start-ups will be discussed at the annual International Forum ‘Open Innovations‘, which starts this Monday in Moscow. On the eve of the event Shigeki Usuki, Chief Executive Officer at New Frontier Capital Management (Hong Kong), unveil to Pan Pacific Agency details about establishing of a new high technology investment fund.

What are the main goals of the Japan Russia New Frontier Fund?

We are facing international competition as investors seek to higher return globally and their expectations are rising. We are under pressure to move faster and create greater value than our competitors do. New fund would be in the international financial center such as Cayman, Luxembourg and Guernsey.

What are the basic conditions for the deal of the establishment of a new fund with the Russian side, “Russian Venture Company”?

No specific conditions with the Russian side. We have been having a constructive discussion with the Russian side.

Would your fund focus at IT-companies first of all?

Private equity is the most profitable asset for us. The main objectives of investments are to focus on fast growing mid-sized companies to promote cross border transfer of industrial and information technologies between Japan and Russia. For example, Russian software industry and Japanese manufacturing and retail industries which hold large customer data base.


Shigeki Usuki – Chief Executive Officer at New Frontier Capital Management (Hong Kong) Co., Limited. Company’s incorporation date – August 2011, capital – HK$8 M. Company is one of the three general partnership companies of the New Frontier Capital Management, that provides management consulting services: financial structuring, capitalization planning, enterprise evaluation, corporate strategies and strategic business planning.

Will fund buy shares only in Russian companies, or in Japanese ones too?

The primary investment region is Russia while pursuing other global opportunities, especially companies seeking entry into or expansion in the Russian market.

What do you expect from the Open Innovations Forum?

We are looking for promising investment projects during visit to Russia and participation in Open Innovations. For example, now the most developed areas in technological cooperation between state bodies and private business in Russia and Japan are smart cities.

Do you consider projects in the fields of biomedicine, big data, e-sports?

Yes, however, we prefer to invest in the field of big data among those fields. First of all, we will pay attention to business model of a company and its innovative technology.

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