Nobel Vision. Open Innovations 2.0 Forum

Nobel Vision. Open Innovations 2.0 is an evolutionary stage in the development of the international Open Innovations Forum, which over the past 9 years has become one of the most famous and significant platforms dedicated to innovation. The Forum is among the official events of the Year of Science and Technology in Russia. It will be held on December 7, 2021 in the Russian most innovative center Skolkovo near the Moscow city.

Nobel Vision will be attended by Nobel, Fields Medal, Wolf Prize laureates and winners of other internationally renowned awards.

A community of world’s greatest scientists together with the leaders of corporations — key players in knowledge-intensive industries — will build, based on the basis of the Forum’s discussions, a chain of future technological development of certain markets and various spheres of human life.

What to expect from the Forum:

  1. Scientists will immerse you in a scientific topic that interests you and reveal what knowledge is there at the moment.
  2. Visionaries and futurists will speak about possible development scenarios and future trends, analyze their impact on the change in technological, social and economic structure of the planet.
  3. Major corporate executives will describe existing approaches to the creation of new products based on high technologies, barriers and opportunities in R’n’D.
  4. Representatives of various industries will discuss the dynamics of changes in technology markets, the emergence, reduction and change in volume of market segments.

The Forum will introduce the powerful interactive mix-formats for immersion in the world of STEM:

  • Nobel Vision Talks
  • Keynotes
  • Fireside chats
  • Debates
  • Open Talks
  • Nobel Vision Map — a wrap-up session with a set of practical solutions

You could get more info on the event’s official website.

For users over 18 y.o. only (18+)