[Ratings] Prices of your country’s food in Russian supermarkets: From sweets to beers

A standard portion of the most famous Vietnamese Fo-Bo soup in Russia costs about $4.5 - $5.5. Photo by the Pan Pacific Agency.

All goods from Southeast Asia, China, Japan and Korea, wich was an exotic, a many years ago became widely available around the world. We can eat Japanese sweets, Thai mangosteen, Korean kimchi anywhere in the world. Drinking beer from Vietnam or Japan is also not difficult for any resident of any country. But how much does it costs? Pan Pacific Agency went to the typical Asian food’s supermarket in Moscow to measure prices.

How could you to compare a product prices in different countries? We decided that, firstly, we need to convert prices from the supermarkets to US dollars. Secondly, we need to consider the cost of products known around the world. For example, a standard Vietnamese Fo-Bo soup costs 300-350 rubles ($4.67 – $5.47) in Moscow.

Well, can we move on?

Beer from Japan, China, S. Korea, Thailand and Vietnam are easy to find in Russia. Unfortunately, beer from India and more distant countries doesn’t reach Russians supermarket shelves.

Japanese sweets ‘mochi’ and others are popular in Russia. To be honest, many of them are made in China

The taste of Asian fast-brewed noodles was recognized during the economic crisis of the 1990s in Russia. Now noodles for every taste are presented on the shelves of Asian food stores

Asian cuisine in Russia is loved for its unusual taste. Sauces help Russians cook “like in Asia”

They know what ‘kimchi’ is in Russia. A little less know what lotus shoots are, of course

Coconut milk of various brands can be bought in Russia to cook, for example, Thai Tom Yam soup

Fascinated by exotic Asian fruits on vacation, Russians want to buy them in Russia too

Goods name Country of origin Price in Russia, Moscow, USD
Sweets & Syrops
Сhocolate Okasi, 80G Japan 5.00 – 5.47
Royal Family Food mochi, 72G Japan 3.90
Royal Family Food fruit mochi, 132G Japan 4.14
Bourbon mochi chocolate ganache, 87G Japan 7.50
Mochi Azuki coconut, 210G Taiwan 5.55
Daesang Corn Syrup, 700G South Korea 3.44
Bharat Bazaar Crystal sugar, 100G India 1.56
Monocrystal Crystal sugar, 200G China 2.19
Thai Food King Palm sugar, 454G Thailand 3.90
AROY-D Palm sugar, 454G Thailand 3.36
Perlis Mango (Ladang Harumanis), 100G Malaysia 1.72
Cat Chu mango, 100G Vietnam 1.40
Red pitahaya (Dragon fruit), 100G Thailand 1.49
Marakuja (Passionfruit), 100G Thailand 1.88
Granadilla (Yellow passionfruit), 100G Thailand 3.44
Longan, 100G Thailand 1.95
Mangosteen, 100G Thailand 2.03
King Avocado, 100G Myanmar 1.56
Coconut Milk
King Island sweetened condensed coconut milk, 180G Thailand 2.97
FOCO organic coconut milk, 400ML Thailand 3.28
Chaokoh Lite coconut milk, 400ML Thailand 2.81
Real Thai coconut milk, 400ML Thailand 2.81
Amthai coconut milk / coconut cream, 400ML Thailand 2.19
Canned Snacks
Wang Kimchi in Can., 410G South Korea 8.12
Yanbang Kimchi in Can., 160G South Korea 3.90
Song Huong Picked lotus, 200G Vietnam 4.84
Thai Dancer Sauce, 150G Thailand 3.75 – 5.00
Thai Dancer Sauce, 200G Thailand 6.01
Mae Ploy Sauce, 285ML Thailand 3.28
Thai Dancer Sauce, 300ML Thailand 4.37 – 5.16
Chu Zhen Brand Fish Sauce, 725ML China 4.53
Miwon Hai Ngu fish sauce, 650ML Vietnam 4.37
AROY-D Fish Sauce, 840G Thailand 4.37
Thai Food King fish sauce, 700ML Thailand 4.67
Lee Kum Kee Choy Sun oyster sauce, 907G Hong Kong 7.97
Noodles & Cakes
Ottogi Oyster Jin Jjambbong Noodle Ramen, 110G South Korea 1.87
Yamamoto Seifun Chuka Soba Rich Miso Ramen, 74G Japan 4.22
Nissin cup noodle, 61G Japan 4.37
Nissin noodle, 115G Japan 4.60
Yopokki spicy Topokki rice cakes, 140G South Korea 2.97 – 3.44
Wang Seafood flavor Udon noodle soup, 424G South Korea 5.94
Harbin Premium, 0.33L China 2.03
Harbin Premium, 0.61L China 3.44
Tsingtao Laoshan, 0.64L China 3.91
Tsingtao Premium, 0.64L China 4.06
Sapporo Premium, 0.65L Japan 7.03
Kirin Ichiban, 0.5L Japan 3.91 – 4.53
Leo, 0.49L Thailand 2.81
Singha Premium Import, 0.33L Thailand 2.97
333 export, 0.33L Vietnam 2.19
Saigon Special, 0.33L Vietnam 2.97
Saigon Export, Bia Ha Noi, 0.45L Vietnam 2.81 – 2.97
Panther Black beer, 0.6L Vietnam / Indonesia 4.53
Cass Fresh beer 0.5L South Korea 2.89
Hite Free beer (0.0% alcohol), 0.33L South Korea 2.34
Hite Max beer, 0.5L South Korea 2.97
All prices are based on the current exchange rate of the Russian ruble (as on Oct 24, 2019): 1 USD – 64 RUB.

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