Consul General of Japan Go challenge to be held in Vladivostok on Feb 8

Russian go players. Photo: Russian Go Federation. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

VLADIVOSTOK, Feb 5, 2020, Pan Pacific Agency. Fans of Go and Shogi games to fight for the cup of the Japanese consul general in Vladivostok on February 8, the press service of the 41st World Amateur Go Championship said. This cup is one of the oldest Go tournaments in Russia: it has been held since 2004. Go players from Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Artem (Primorsky Region) and Khabarovsk (a neighboring Khabarovsky Region) are expected to compete, Pan Pacific Agency reported.

World Amateur Go Championship 2020 to be held from May 28 to June 4 in Vladivostok, the largest coastal city of the Russian Far East and a center of the cross-Pacific collaboration. Previously the World Cup had never been held outside the countries of Asia. In Vladivostok, national champions from 77 countries will spend several days playing at the Far Eastern Federal University campus, which to become the main venue for the event.

Also, an Open Cup of Russia will be held in Vladivostok these days. 5000-seat fan zone will be opened on the Sports Embankment of the city, where residents and guests of the region will be able to get acquainted with the rules and history of the Go game. Pan Pacific Agency covers all main events of the Championship as an international media partner.

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