Possibility of more restrictions in Moscow minimal in current situation: Mayor

Moscow's mayor Sergey Sobyanin. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

MOSCOW, Nov 12, 2020, TASS. The possibility of more restrictive measures in Moscow in the current coronavirus situation is minimal, Mayor Sergey Sobyanin told Russia’s federal TV broadcaster Channel 1 in an interview, according to the TASS.

“We’ve been able to see that over the past few days infection rates have been climbing and the pressure on hospitals and the medical system is growing. We are obliged to forecast and be one step ahead to understand what kind of situation we will have tomorrow, in a week’s time and in two or three weeks from now. We’ve had a word with the federal task force and the consumer rights watchdog before we made this decision (to impose restrictions till January 15 – TASS). These are the minimum measures possible in the current situation,” Sobyanin said.

He stressed that Moscow’s health service system demonstrated stable operation.

On Tuesday, Sobyanin declared new restrictions to be effective from November 13 till January 15. Cafes, restaurants and night clubs in the city will have to stay closed from 23:00 till 06:00. All children’s entertainment centers will be closed round the clock. Cultural, entertainment and other events implying the presence of spectators are canceled (apart form official events to be held at the decision of the executive authorities). Theaters, cinemas and concert halls will be allowed to operate on the condition the seat occupancy rate will be no greater than 25%. College and university students will shift to online instruction. Organizations where the presence of employees and clients is required are recommended to register visitors and staff.

Earlier, all employers were obliged to shift 30% of their staff to distance work. All people older than 65 years of age will have to stay at home. High school students (grades from 6 to 11) were shifted online starting from October 19. For the time being this measure was prolonged till November 22.

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