Russia test launches Topol intercontinental missile from Kapustin Yar range

Launch of Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile © TASS, archive. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

MOSCOW, Jul 27, 2019, TASS. Russia’s strategic missile forces have test launched a Topol intercontinental ballistic missile from the Kapustin Yar practice range, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Friday according to the TASS.

“On July 26, 2019, a combat unit of the strategic missile forces conducted a test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile of the Topol mobile ground-based missile system from the Kapustin Yar state central practice range in the Astrakhan region,” the ministry said.

According to the ministry, the missile engaged the target accurately. “The missile’s exercise head hit the target at the Sary-Shagan range in Kazakhstan to the specified accuracy. The tasks of the launch were executed in full,” the ministry concluded.

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