RU Tech Park on the border between Russia and Asia presented the first Accelerator’s results

Photo by the RU Tech Park. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

VLADIVOSTOK, Jul 16, 2019, Pan Pacific Agency. Medicine, communications, the economy, so each sphere of life: without technology, the world as we know it simply wouldn’t function. Thousands of accelerators and incubators have been set up around the world. The Russian Federation is not an exclusion. However, there was not any special ecosystem with strong government support in the Russian Far East (on the border between Russia and Asia) until later. On June 29, RU Tech Park, created for formation of a technological ecosystem for innovative development of both Primorsky Territory and the Russian Far East as well as successful economic cooperation with Asia-Pacific countries in the sphere of high technologies on the Russky Island in Vladivostok, presented the results of its first Accelerator, reported the Pan Pacific Agency.


No wonder that the Asia Pacific countries are on the top of different world’s ratings as the leading technologically advanced countries in the world. But the world of technology is constantly changing and advancing. And it’s just impossible to downplay the importance of contributions these countries make to develop more and more supporting the young promising prospective projects. Russia is gradually becoming a country where innovation and technology are increasingly important too.

On June 29 the science and technology park “Russky” (RU Tech Park), located at the beautiful campus of the Far Eastern Federal University, presented the results of its first Accelerator. Among 300 applications only 12 projects were selected, whereas 11 of them managed to go through three months-boost: hard work, lectures and master classes on business development. At the final day all participants gathered to demonstrate the results and attract investments for further development of their start-ups.

Before the opening ceremony, the atmosphere was cheerful with a drop of nervousness. The Accelerator participants were about to present their projects to the outstanding panel composed of guests from Russia and abroad. They were waiting impatiently for the next step in their professional growth.

At the opening ceremony, Dmitry Borovikov, RU Tech Park CEO, highlighted uniqueness of the project. Being the only Accelerator on the Russian Far East along with the one in Yakutiya, it provided local businesses with numerous opportunities. “I believe, this pace, the busy schedule with numerous experts coming and new goals set weekly were useful for the participants regardless of the Demo Day results,” — Mr. Borovikov said. Besides, Konstantin Bogdanenko, acting vice-governor of Primorsky Territory, stressed the rapid growth of the Technopark as well as its great contribution to the regional development and promotion of Russian business abroad.

After the inspiring address of the third speaker, Kirill Erukov, the Acceleration program CEO, the RU Tech Park showed that breaking rules was exactly the only rule to adhere to — all participants were invited for a joint picture just in the middle of the ceremony. As it happens at any event, everyone was hesitant at first, but after the picture was made, pitches presentations started.

To make a long story short, here is the brief description of all presentations.



Online service of presents. How it works: “Roman was late for his friend’s birthday, but he didn’t get confused and opened E-Cheep. He bought the present here and signed it with warm words so that his friend received the gift online and got happy”. If you want to be like Roman, just download the E-Cheep app on your smartphone.


If you like hiking or spending time outdoors, you should know by heart the three most important things to have during camping: a heater, a cooker, and a phone charger. FlameLab combines all these options in a rather small but efficient and cheap device. The experts wondered whether it was possible to use the same technologies for heating on industrial scale… We`ll see.


You are an entrepreneur who needs a website that will attract new customers — these guys will help you. The “Aiger” Website Builder uses artificial intelligence that composes your website in the most efficient way. The project caught a lot of attention, especially in regard to its competitiveness at the market.


Brides, grooms, and heir parents, attention! Here is the instrument to plan the wedding easily. It will show all the necessary things to include in “to-do list” for the perfect wedding as well as will give you reliable contacts. The project turned out to be rather catchy, there was even a question: “Why not to make an app for the organization of any event in general?” Is it an idea for a new startup?


A very confident person, an experienced farming businessman, the recipient of the “Outstanding Far Eastern Hectare” award decided to make his enterprise innovative and elaborated on a service for investors, farmers, and clients to keep in touch and cooperate. Simply put, that was the presentation of a person who was completely sure that his business is profitable and well-managed. This service is planned to become another dimension of farming, but are farmers ready for that? This is the field for discussion.


If you want someone to buy a car for you as a surprise, but don’t want to buy a car that will bring become an unpleasant surprise for you, just use this online service. The CEO of the company ensured everyone that his team checks all cars carefully so that every purchase made with their assistance was 100 per cent legally secure. Basically, men didn’t skip an opportunity to discuss man stuff.


The manly talks were interrupted by a self-confident lady with a pleasant voice — she presented her brand of cosmetics for skin care. The products of this brand are already pretty popular in the Far East, the only thing left to do is to extend production and enter new markets. The unique ingredients used for production invoked a sincere interest among the audience.


The next Accelerator participant introduced an online service for systematization of cargo transportations. This service is to exchange expeditors, people who make routes for transportation. Do you need to send something to another city? Create a route without leaving your bed.


The next over-confident speaker who “came for your [investors’ — writer’s note] money” was the representative of the Augmented Reality constructor “Arvizor”. He described an ideal picture of fast, easy, cheap, and catchy AR creation. The audience was so surprised that they had numerous questions. Just try it out — it should be amazing.

The last two presentations were devoted to the voice bots:


A robot that predicts that the customer will need, and does everything necessary to help the one. The presentation started with a weird cellphone call demonstration in order to show what cases Tomoru will help to avoid.


A voice helper to exchange people in the call center so that customers won’t recognize whether they talk to a robot or not. This presentation was the most unique one as the speaker didn’t hesitate to demonstrate the work of their program when the audience made a bet with him. A very pleasant woman helped him to book a table in the restaurant — no way you’d recognize a robot in her.

Of course, interesting things happened outside of the meeting hall as well — during meals. The participants didn’t miss a chance to talk to the potential partners or investors about business matters while sipping delicious coffee — this is exactly one of the ways how the RU Tech Park expands its connections.

The whole day finished with the gala dinner and results announcement. That was the time for breaking rules again — the winner of the Demo-Day was announced at the beginning of the dinner.

That turned out to be the Aiger that received a free working space in the business incubator of Hangzhou Puqi Technology Ltd. in China. Also, FlameLab and Tomoru received the Certificates of Support from the Russian Railways, the monopolist of railway management in Russia.

Dmitry Borovikov stressed that the RU Tech Park has made huge steps forward that usually require several years. He invited everyone at the Eastern Economic Forum this autumn to have a look at the presentations again and see how rapidly the Technopark is growing.

The first Accelerator in Primorsky Region was successfully conducted — the first tangible results of the RU Tech Park work were demonstrated. Now, the Technopark is expanding its partnerships in Russia and the Asia-Pacific Region having more and more ambitious plans to implement.

Galina Salnikova

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