Moscow’s top prosecutor wants to dissolve, ban Navalny’s foundations and headquarters

Alexei Navalny © Aleksandr Shcherbak/TASS. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

MOSCOW, Apr 21, 2021, TASS. The Moscow Prosecutor’s Office has submitted to the judicial system exhaustive evidence that Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), the Citizens’ Rights Protection Foundation (FZPG), and Navalny’s regional headquarters are involved in extremist activities and will seek to have them dismantled and banned, the press service of the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office told journalists on Tuesday (Apr 20), TASS reported.

It was reiterated that on April 16, the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office submitted a lawsuit to the Moscow City Court on recognizing NGOs like the Anti-Corruption Foundation, the Citizens’ Rights Protection Foundation and the Team Navalny movement as extremist and banning their activity. “The materials submitted to the court contain exhaustive proof that the aforementioned structures conduct extremist activity, destabilize the socio-political situation in the country, including calls for violent acts, extremist activity, mass disorders, and by attempting to draw minors into illegal activities which is in a whole number of cases confirmed by effective court rulings,” the press service said.

“In relation to this, the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office deems it necessary to legally seek the dissolution and prohibition of activities by the non-commercial organizations that are the FBK, the FZPG and the Team Navalny movement,” the agency emphasized.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, these organizations function in active coordination and on orders of various foreign centers conducting destructive activity against Russia. “The actual goals of their activity are to create conditions for changing the foundations of the constitutional order, carrying out a coup and a ‘color revolution’ scenario,” the statement said. The Prosecutor’s Office stressed that the entire body of evidence is available.

As the press service of the Moscow City Court reported earlier, the pre-trial preparation for this suit will take place on April 26. The materials submitted to the court were deemed to be classified, therefore there will be a closed hearing.

The Citizens’ Rights Protection Foundation (FZPG) was created as a non-commercial organization in May 2019 by Navalny’s supporters. The FBK was included in the registry of NGOs acting as foreign agents in October 2019, while the FZPG was added to this registry in December 2020.

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