Train travels in wrong direction, injuring about 20 in Yokohama

Shin-Sugita Station (Kyodo). Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

YOKOHAMA, Jun 2, 2019, Kyodo. An automated train operated by Yokohama Seaside Line Co. traveled in the wrong direction on Saturday, causing about 20 people to be injured, a local fire department said, reported The Mainichi.

Three people appeared to have suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries as the driverless train ran about 25 meters and made contact with a bumping post at Shin-Sugita Station at around 8:15 p.m., the department said.

Of the injured, 15 were taken to hospitals, the department said.

The trains are on an 11-kilometer automated guideway transit system connecting Shin-Sugita and Kanazawa-Hakkei in Yokohama.

One of the passengers, 46-year-old Kenichi Aoki, said the train suddenly stopped shortly after departure and moved backward. He was thrown out of his seat and hit his head on a handrail.

“I couldn’t tell what happened at the time,” he said, adding another passenger nearby was bleeding from the head and children were crying.

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