Indonesia’s VP expresses concern over Mt. Semeru eruption

White steam emits from Taal volcano crater as seen from Philippine airforce helicopter on Jan 21, 2020. PHOTO: AFP. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

Jakarta, Dec 8, 2021, ANTARA. Vice President Ma’ruf Amin has expressed his concern over the eruption of Mount Semeru in East Java Province, ANTARA reported.

“First of all, we are of course very concerned about this incident and share in the suffering experienced by the people affected by the eruption of Mount Semeru, and also the victims,” Amin said in Bali on Sunday.

The vice president also conveyed his condolences to the people whose family members became victims of the eruption.

“To the families (of the victims), I offer my condolences and I hope they remain patient in facing the ordeal,” he said.

He reminded everyone living in areas around Mount Semeru to increase awareness and conduct disaster mitigation measures against the natural disasters.

“People should remain vigilant, so they can avoid of becoming victims, and officers must take anticipatory measures to mitigate the disaster risks,” he remarked.

Mount Semeru, the highest mountain on the island of Java, has erupted and continued to roar as rivers of lava flow down since Friday, December 3.

Head of the Geological Agency at the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry Eko Budi Lelono said the eruption was related to high rainfall around the mountain peak, causing the lava’s edge to collapse, thus triggering the eruption.

“It seems that there is indeed a connection with high rainfall, causing the lava lip to collapse, thus triggering an eruption or avalanche of hot clouds,” Lelono elaborated.

According to him, the eruption of Mount Semeru could be attributed to external factors such as high rate of rainfall.

The conclusion was made based on relatively low records of seismicity and the activation of magma and material supply since November. And there was no significant change from December 1-3.

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