[Special Coverage] Meowing robot server, flying taxi and other CES 2020 innovations that become the everyday

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Photo: Nadya Pershina/Pan Pacific Agency.

Driving Sony car; Flying on Hyundai to avoid traffic; washing and buying clothes with your own closet; driving vehicle that has no steering wheel or pedals sideways; cooking with chef bot’s assistance in your kitchen; receiving service in a restaurant from robot cat server. All of this might sound like a future fantasies but these are just a few innovations that were presented on one of the world’s largest conventions “Consumer Electronic Show” 2020 that took place in Las Vegas. Over 50 years CES attracts over 170 thousand people annually among which big brand tech companies and small startups that have an ability to showcase their last word in technology. US bureau chief Nadya Pershina specially for the Pan Pacific Agency from Vegas.

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

This year Mercedes presented one of the most amusing futuristic concepts – Mercedes-Benz AVTR (Advanced Vision Transportation aka “Avatar”) vehicle. In collaboration with James Cameron prior his upcoming sequel “Avatar” Mercedes created absolutely untypical and extraordinary car that has no steering wheel or pedals. The concept of the vehicle among with sustainability and eco-friendliness is symbiotic communication with the driver and its interaction with the outside world. When you drive the car it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever driven. Echoing the novel way that Na’vi were connecting to the flora of the planet – in order to start vehicle driver places a hand on the control unit, which activates by reading driver’s heartbeat and breathing. Instead of steering wheel to control vehicle speed and direction driver operates control unit similar to joystick.

Pan Pacific Agency’s US bureau chief Nadya Pershina is trying sensational Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR at the CES 2020. Video: Nadya Pershina/PPA.

The in-vehicle infotainment is maintained by gestures and projection system. The back of the car is covered with 33 moveable reptile-looking scales “bionic flaps” in order to communicate with the driver and outside world. One of the most remarkable features of the concept is ability to move sideways with approximately 30 degrees angle. In Avatar interior used only sustainable and vegan materials. The battery technology allows the cells to be not just recyclable but compostable. Vision AVTR is a concept that posits a new unique way of our future interaction and relationship between ourselves, nature and technology and appears only as a show car.

Hyundai S-A1 air taxi, PBVs and Hubs

One of the biggest partnerships of CES 2020 was Hyundai and Uber with their travel revolution flying taxi concept S-A1. S-A1 has 4 passenger capacity and able to fly with range of 60 miles. Which would allow you to travel to closest cities or within a city. The idea of this craft is to reduce travel time by avoiding traffic congestion. The simplicity is one the palm of your hand: anyone would be able to book the flight through the Uber app as well as regular ride. For those who scare of flights Hyundai promised that the safety was one of the biggest priorities that they were guided by and as a result there’s a lot of redundancy built in the s-ar1 and it’s even has a parachute.

S-A1 air taxi by Hyundai is demonstrated at the SEA 2020. Video: Nadya Pershina/PPA.

Also, Hyundai introduced several other solutions for the big cities: PBVs (purpose-built vehicles) and S-Hubs. PBV is similarity of the autonomic bus that offers easy access to your air taxi and perhaps in the future also could be transform to mobile restaurants, delivery cars or even mobile medical clinics and etc. S-Hub appears as the place where all PBVs are gathered together and could be also transform depending on how they are connected. Hyundai and Uber are going to launch first prototype of this solutions by 2023.

Sony Vision-S

Another big surprise this year was Vision-S, Sony’s electric concept car which focuses on entertainment and displaying company’s technological capabilities in the area of mobility. Prototype embodies contribution to the future of mobility and contains variety of Sony’s technologies.

People watching Sony Vision-S car at the CES 2020. Video: Nadya Pershina/PPA.

Vision-S has 33 sensors including radar, lidar, and cameras. The car also integrates Sony’s immersive 360-degree audio technology “360 Reality Audio” and panoramic screens. Vision -S is a showcase of Sony’s electronic capabilities and won’t be put into production.

Samsung Bot Chef

Samsung along with other gadgets has presented a cooking assistant for your kitchen named: “Bot Chef”. This bot is collaborative robot and not mean to do everything in the kitchen but mean to assist and interact with user during cooking. It has a pair of electric “hands” that can assist with some prep work, cooking time, grabbing and adding ingredients and even able to reach inside the cupboard, etc.

Samsung Bot Chef at the CES 2020. Video: Nadya Pershina/PPA.

Bot Chef has ability of showcasing different recepies that also can be changed at any time of the cooking process. Robot is constantly evolving and can download new skills that it hasn’t had before.

BellaBot by PuduTech

One of the cutest products of CES 2020 can be called BellaBot made by Chinese company PuduTech. BellaBot is a table-waiting robot cat with personality. It features a screen showing cat-face animations and mews when it arrives at tables to encourage customers to pick up their food. PuduTech is targeting restaurant owners who struggle to employ waiting stuff. The firm’s existing robots are already in use at 2,000 restaurants worldwide.

BellaBot by PuduTech at the CES 2020. Video: Nadya Pershina/PPA.

Company added a little bit of personal attitude to the bot: customers are able to pet Bella and it immediately reacts with pleasure. But if guests are continuously petting the bot it expression changes to remind not interrupt its job.

Haier Smart Closet Solution

What is the future without smart home technologies? Multinational home appliances company Haier with their innovations led smart homes to the new level. One of the products that they has presented was Smart Closet Solutions, a system that meant to save the user time and maximize their efficiency. Closet has a few different compartments that responsible for a different task.

Haier Smart Closet Solution at the CES 2020. Video: Nadya Pershina/PPA.

With the smart mirror you are able to try variety of outfits; you can adjust your body measurements and even try new hairstyle as well as shop for new apparel straight from your closet. Smart closet “fridge” serves to keep special type of closing under the right temperature. It also has built in laundry and a dryer.

PuduTech BellaBot’s ‘meowing’ demonstration at the CES 2020. Video: Nadya Pershina/PPA.

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