Thai restaurant offers free food to shunned migrant workers

A near empty restaurant on Raway beach on Phuket. Hotels in Thailand’s most popular holiday island have been forced to slash prices with rooms left vacant and beaches sparse as tourist chiefs struggle with a plunge in visitors from China caused by the US trade war and stronger baht. Photo: AFP/Mladen Antonov. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

NAKHON SAWAN, Dec 29, 2020, Bangkok Post. A restaurant in this upper Central province is offering free food to migrant workers, particularly those from Myanmar, at a time when many other eateries are refusing them and their money, Bangkok Post reported.

Their benefactor is Apichai Chalanan, the owner of Bon Bon Nakhon Sawan restaurant on Wong Sawan road, near Uthayan Sawan Public Park.

Mr Apichai said that following the new outbreak of Covid-19, Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand had been shunned by many people, who feared they were carrying the virus.

Shops actually turned them away, refusing service, when they tried to buy food.

As a consequence, many migrants had to buy raw supplies from fresh markets and cook their food themselves.

Feeling sympathy for their plight, Mr Apichai decided to help them.

Migrant workers from all countries, not only Myanmar, could get a free boxed meal from his restaurant if they could not find food elsewhere, or had nothing to eat, he said.

His restaurant is open from 5pm to midnight. Migrant workers in trouble were welcome to take a box of food free of charge.

The handout would continue until the Covid-19 situation had improved, Mr Apichai said.

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