Bangkok to ban truck entry to some areas in dust particle reduction plan

People wearing protective face masks queue to buy street food in Chinatown, in Bangkok, Thailand, on May 3, 2020. PHOTO: REUTERS. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

BANGKOK, Nov 24, 2020, NNT. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), has announced details of a plan to reduce the PM2.5 dust particle problem in the city, involving a prohibition on trucks accessing some areas and specific times of entry, Pattaya Mail reported.

Wirat Manassanitwong, acting director of the Environment Department of the BMA has announced that the plan to keep trucks out is being considered by the Royal Thai Police. It will be enforced when the Traffic Police Division decides to give it the go-ahead.

And in order to mitigate the burden on truck companies that comes with the solution as outlined, the BMA will discuss with related sectors appropriate spots to be designated ’rest areas’ for trucks of 6-wheels and more, because these trucks will have to wait before being allowed into the city at a specific time.

However, according to reports conducted in 2018 by the Pollution Control Department and Asia Institute of Technology, 72.5% of PM2.5 is sourced from vehicle engine combustion, divided into 28% from trucks, 21% from pick-up trucks, 10% from cars, 7% from buses, 5% from motorcycles and 1.5% from vans. Other PM2.5 sources are 17% from Industrial factories, 5% from burning in an open area, and 5.5% from other causes.

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