Rubber tapper killed by wild elephant in Chonburi

A team of BBKSDA Riau and WWF with the help of trained elephants drive out wild elephants in Indragiri Hulu District, Riau. (ANTARA/HO-BBKSDA Riau). Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

BANGKOK, Nov 13, 2020, Pattaya Mail. A rubber tapper died after being attacked by a wild elephant in Chonburi, the third such worker killed by jumbos since September, Pattaya Mail reported.

Durian Suwannachet, 54, was crushed to death Nov. 12 in Tat Thong of Bo Thong District.

Daughter Suneerat Thongyam, 35, said her parents tap trees for latex in the evenings. Her father saw the bull and escaped, but her mother didn’t see it until it was too late.

She believes the killer elephant was the same one that chased her father recently, an episode captured on video.

Somjit Hapol, a member of Bo Thong Municipal Council, said he saw the jumbo crossing the road after the attack. The male elephant was believed to be in musth, the breeding period when bulls become overly aggressive.

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