Ginger farming in sacks gives hope to Bangladeshi farmers

Farmers need to be cognizant of several basic things when planting soybeans every year, no matter the soil or weather conditions. (Photo: Joseph L. Murphy/Iowa Soybean Association). Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

DHAKA, Nov 4, 2020, Dhaka Tribune. Monayem Hossain, a farmer of Chak Atitha village in Naogaon Sadar upazila, is hoping to turn his fortunes around with sack farming of ginger after he sustained loss in a rice husking mill, Dhaka Tribune reported.

Monayem’s Son Himel, who is currently studying in a vocational institution, gave his father the idea of sack farming after watching the farming method on video-sharing website Youtube.

Following the plan of Himel, his parents began farming ginger inside a hundred sacks in a portion of their mill area. Each sack has two to three ginger plants, soil, and fertilizers.

Monayem Hossain said that the rice husking business caused him a great loss and he is yet to repay loans he had taken from a bank. However, he had to spend only a total of Tk1,200 for the ginger plants and other materials for these sacks.

“In spring, I am hoping to secure at least 250kgs of ginger. Currently the wholesale price of ginger here is Tk120 per kg. So I hope to secure a profit of Tk27,000-28,000 in about four months. Next year I will look to cultivate ginger in 500 of such sacks throughout the year.”

Farhana Naznin, an agriculture officer in Naogaon Sadar upazila said sack farming is a new method to farmers in Naogaon. “Monayem Hossain of Chal Atitha village was successful in such a cultivation, meaning the method is promising.

“If farmers are willing to move forward with this type of ginger cultivation the agriculture office will provide its full support in this regard,” Farhana added.

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