Shortage of 250 million coconuts this year in Sri Lanka

Use your coconut: Scientist Fabian Antonio Dayrit is proposing a study of coconut oil’s antiviral effect on the novel coronavirus. Photo: PhilStar. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

COLOMBO, Sep 28, 2020, News 1st. There is a shortage of 250 million coconuts in the country this year, the Coconut Development Authority said, News 1st reported.

“The annual Coconut Yield in Sri Lanka stands is around 3000 million coconuts and this year there is a shortage of 250 million. Inclement weather was among other reasons that resulted in the low-yield of coconuts this year,” P. Edirimanne, the Director of Processing Development at the Coconut Development Authority told News 1st on Monday (Sept. 28).

According to Edirimanne, inclement weather, construction of houses, buildings, and other development projects have restricted the expansion of cultivation.

“Measures are underway to increase the coconut yield from existing cultivation grounds,” Edirimanne noted.

Meanwhile, the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) on Sunday (Sept. 27) warned that legal action will be taken against traders selling coconuts at prices higher than the stipulated rates based on the circumference.

According to the newly imposed laws, Coconuts with a circumference above 13 inches would be priced at Rs. 70, between 12 and 13 inches at Rs. 62, and below 12 inches at Rs 60.

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