Philippine president Duterte welcomes oversight on govt projects

Duterte said the concession contracts of Manila Water and Maynilad Water Services Inc. are disadvantageous to the public because they prohibit the government from adjusting water rates. Photo: STAR. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

MANILA, Sep 9, 2020, Manila Bulletin. President Duterte is open to any legislative oversight on government projects especially if this would be helpful in exposing corruption and other irregularities, Manila Bulletin reported.

Addressing the nation over state television Monday night, the President said he is ready to accept criticism and other issues that the administration must address even if these might embarrass him.

“I encourage oversight committees of projects,” Duterte said after acknowledging the presence of his former aide and now Senator Christopher during a meeting with some Cabinet members.

“They will open up everything for us. So long as there is no corruption. It will really ruin us if we tolerate it. Those son of a b*** thieves. That’s a very hard thing to swallow,” he said.

If Go really wanted to help the administration, Duterte urged his former assistant to act as if he is part of the opposition. He said the senator could call his attention if there is any anomaly in certain government projects regardless of their friendship.

“Walang kaibigan-kaibigan basta may mali. Maski pati ako (Friendship does not count if there is a wrongdoing, even it involves me),” he said.

“Call my attention. But you might want to — kung may ano dito masama na tinignan mo, mapahiya ako, give it to another lawmaker (Call my attention. If you see something wrong and you think it will embarrass me, give it to another lawmaker. Whisper the situation to them and they will open up everything for us),” he added.

Last month, Duterte challenged Go to use the Senate’s forum to uncover wrongdoings and criminality. The senator accepted the challenge and vowed not to hesitate to expose any irregularities in the country.

In recent months, Go has attended the President’s weekly meeting with several Cabinet members on the government’s pandemic response. He has often been seen accompanying the President in his engagements, including his recent visit to Jolo, even after his election as senator in 2019.

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