Cambodia’s ministry of tourism launches special tour packages to popular destinations

Tourists dine close to each other on St 172, Phnom Penh. KT/Chor Sokunthea. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

PHNOM PENH, Jul 31, 2020, Khmer Times. The Ministry of Tourism and travel agents jointly organised a package tour to Siem Reap and other areas, as well as the promotion of Khmer-speaking tour guides in Siem Reap with a special stay in luxury hotels, sightseeing with tour guides and delicious dining in the perfect setting for the trip, Khmer Times reported.

Speaking at a press conference at the Ministry of Tourism to promote the package tour at this special price, Chhun Makara, director of the travel agency, transport and tourism guide department at the Ministry of Tourism, said that the main purpose of this package tour is to promote internal tourism via tour packages. This he said, creates value of travel, new experiences and ensures the safety of tourists during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially to prepare for welcoming tourists during the holidays from 17-21 August 2020.

Makara added that in the process of this package tour at this special price, is a five star tour package. All tourists can stay in five star hotels at the most special price ever. The destination of this tour is focused on Siem Reap, a great cultural and historical tourist destination for Cambodia.

He added that this special tour package is a pre-arranged visit and a confidence booster for tourists to travel safely, which includes both 2-days and 3-days tour packages. This also works for low-income and middle-income earners.

The Ministry of Tourism also called on all tourism businesses to understand and set the pricing and proper implementation of tourism safety rules to create a new image for the tourism sector in Cambodia, which is a safe and warm destination, especially. “We call on people to support Khmer-speaking tour guides in Siem Reap as tour guides, not just for foreign tourists.”

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