Airspace reopening to facilitate overseas Pakistanis: PM

In the backdrop of the Imran Khan government showcasing two Indians arrested this week near Bhawalpur, despite New Delhi having informed Islamabad about their inadvertent crossing over to Pakistan months ago, the proposals before the 1267 committee are ominous, officials say it is evident from the chain of events that Pakistan, with the help of China, wants to brand India as a terror factory to “achieve parity”.(VIA REUTERS). Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

ISLAMABAD, Jun 22, 2020, The Nation. Prime Minister Imran Khan has said Pakistan is partially opening its airspace for international flights today [Sunday] to facilitate the stranded overseas Pakistanis to return home, The Nation reported.

In his tweet message, the Prime Minister said, this is being done specially to help our Overseas workers who have suffered most in this pandemic, but have shown great courage & made us proud.

Welcoming the expatriates returning to their homes, he assured them that the government will provide them all the facilities.

The prime minister also appreciated the philanthropic role played by the overseas Pakistani community in helping their countrymen abroad during COVID 19.

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