Pakistani PM warns of virus peak in July-August

In the backdrop of the Imran Khan government showcasing two Indians arrested this week near Bhawalpur, despite New Delhi having informed Islamabad about their inadvertent crossing over to Pakistan months ago, the proposals before the 1267 committee are ominous, officials say it is evident from the chain of events that Pakistan, with the help of China, wants to brand India as a terror factory to “achieve parity”.(VIA REUTERS). Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

ISLAMABAD, Jun 9, 2020, The Nation. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday warned that the country was yet to experience the peak of coronavirus cases in late July or early August and urged upon the people to strictly abide by the precautionary standard operating procedures (SOPs), The Nation reported.

While talking to PTV he said, “I appeal to the nation to show seriousness in adopting SOPs, lest it could put the lives of yourself and your near ones at risk,” he said in a televised public message. The prime minister said easing of lockdown never meant the virus had faded away.

“We are aware that the virus is here to stay, but we have to slowdown its spread through precautions,” he said, regretting about the casual attitude of the people towards the pandemic. He mentioned that the government had lifted the lockdown to facilitate the general public, particularly poor and labourers.

“However, it has some conditions attached with. Carry on with your business but also mind the SOPs,” he stressed. The prime minister urged wearing masks as the research showed its effectiveness with fifty percent reduction in spread of the virus.

He stressed that ignoring the SOPs could greatly risk the lives of elderly and other people with underlying health conditions. He mentioned that even the United States of America with 0.1 million deaths due to coronavirus had eased lockdown as no country could prolong it in view of the inflation and poverty.

Imran Khan said gradual opening of routine business was aimed at slowing down of the spread of COVID-19 to avoid burden on hospitals.

He said efforts were afoot to arrange 1,000 more beds with oxygen supply units for Intensive Care Unit across the country. Also, an application ‘Pak Nigehban’ has been introduced allowing users to see availability of beds and ventilators in real-time at various health centers across the country.

Meanwhile, the country reported at least 4,728 new coronavirus cases on Monday, taking the total tally to 103,671. These include 38,903 in Punjab, 38108 Sindh, 13487 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 6516 Balochistan, 5329 Islamabad, 932 Gilgit-Baltistan and 396 in Azad Kashmir. The death toll from the virus stands at 2067 with 65 deaths reported over the last twenty four hours. Some 34,355 patients have so far recovered from the disease.

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