Two Malaysians took a year to make this game, and now it’s AppStore’s game of the day

Mobile game ‘Warpods’ was developed by Malaysians Shawn Beck and JT Yean. — SoyaCincau pic. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 3, 2019, MalayMail. Between work and daddy duties, I have very little time for everything else but when I do, I dabble in some gaming. It’s nothing serious mostly pick-up and play types like Mario Kart or Mario Tennis on my Nintendo Switch and sometimes, some mobile games. One mobile game, in particular, has taken up a big share of my spare time of late, it’s called Warpods and it was developed by two Malaysians. The game is so unique that it caught the attention of Apple’s App Store curators and they liked it so much that Warpods was listed on App Store’s Game of the Day in the US, UK, Malaysia and South-east Asia, reported the MalayMail.

Easy to pick-up

Like all fun games, Warpods has a simple premise, it’s an arcade-style block-breaker through and through, but what sets the game apart from others in the genre is its quirky art style (which has a Saturday morning cartoon kind of vibe) and gameplay mechanics that combines turn-based strategy and RPG elements.

Warpods is super easy to pick-up and play but super hard to put down. The game’s characters and design add to the fun-element and the manic, rapid-fire style animation.

The turn-based, RPG element makes it challenging and one that takes legit skills to master. I like it because it’s easy to go through a level while waiting for a meeting to start or when I’m waiting at the school lobby for my kids to finish school.

While the game is not taxing on graphics or systems resources as Fortnite or PUBG, playing it on the iPhone XS is a more polished experience with me finding myself preferring to play the game on iOS over Android.

Made in Malaysia

I’m even more fond of Warpods when I had a chance to meet with the developers and found out that the game is made right here in Malaysia. Even more amazing is it was created by two people — Shawn Beck and JT Yean.

They founded Malaysian-based game development studio Weydworks Studio, after finishing their digital animation major in college and found mobile games to be something worthwhile looking into. JT tells me that it took them about a year to develop the game with some help from friends to look into the story development and writing.

Most of the development and design was done by the founders who learned how to do the programming pretty much themselves. They found building for iOS to be easier.

Amin Ashaari

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