Restaurant in Malaysia offers Huawei users discount on bill after ban by US

TNR by Sean and Angie owners say the recent Huawei ban was not fair on consumers. — Picture via Instagam/Toast & Roast. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

PETALING JAYA, May 24, 2019, MalayMail. Things haven’t been great for Huawei following a ban sanctioned by US president Donald Trump in an ongoing trade war between the two countries. The ban forbids US companies from doing business with the Chinese tech giant and could have huge implications for future Huawei device owners. In an attempt to console Huawei users in Malaysia, SS2 Chinese restaurant TNR by Sean & Angie are offering diners a 20 per cent discount on their entire bill from May 27 to May 29, reported the MalayMail.

“Huawei users get 20 per cent discount from the total bill. Dine in only promotion from 27th to 29th May 2019, terms and condition apply,” a post on the eatery’s Facebook and Instagram read, accompanied by the caption, “Show your Huawei power.”

TNR by Sean & Angie’s Angie Taweepan Chantowatha told Malay Mail she and her husband Sean Ong who both own the eatery felt the ban was unjust.

“We feel it’s not fair on consumers because consumers should always have a choice,” she said today.

Originally from Bangkok, Angie said customers were looking forward to the promotion which begins next Monday.

“From the post, customers seem to respond really well to it on Facebook and Instagram — we’ve been getting a lot of enquiries,” she added.

“Our marketing strategy is to link our posts to what’s in the news.”

The 10-year-old Petaling Jaya eatery is most known for its char siew (barbecued pork), roast pork, Hakka noodles and wantan mee.

Trump’s strict sanctions against Huawei has seen ripples across the tech world, most significantly from Google who revoked the Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s Android license, though it will not affect current device owners.

Other firms have followed suit in severing ties with Huawei including Panasonic, Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom and Xilinx.

It was previously reported that several countries are worried about the security risks that come with Huawei’s products, in particular, its next-generation 5G mobile networks which the US claims the Chinese government could use for surveillance.

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