Hisense LED TV manufacturing opens in Pakistan

KARACHI, Apr 30, 2019, The Financial Daily. Tri-Angels Electronics, which started off with a small-scale unit has now launched a state-of-the-art LED TV manufacturing facility in Karachi. In their short tenure of operations, the company has grown into a fully established network of branches with over 170 employees and 350 dealers all over the country, says a Press release, reported The Financial Daily.

The newly launched factory is compliant to international quality standards and fulfills all the requirements of engineering quality products. It also features a modern Open Cell department which ensures a dust free environment in the assembling plant. The plant has a capacity of producing 500 finished LED TVs per day.

The Chief Executive Officer at Tri-Angels Electronics Imran Ghani said, “The Open Cell department is one of the rare facilities deployed only by very few companies in Pakistan. It has a dust free clean room for LED sensitive films and is placed to ensure overall quality of the environment in the facility and the product’s quality. We have deployed an advanced Electro-mechanical PLC based conveyer system at the assembly plant with the current operational capacity of around 300 units per day which the company plans to increase to at least 500 units per day in the near future”.

Tri-Angles Electronics has been producing LED TVs in the country since 2018 and has now introduced the latest technologies of 4k ULEDs and the well-known Laser TV. The latest TV technologies being introduced by Tri-Angels Electronics not only include latest displays but also features modern sound technology by one of the world’s leading audio brands, Harman Kardon.

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