Philippine rice producer eyes exports of high quality brand

Farmer plants rice in a paddy field in Thailand's Nakhonsawan province. Photo by the VNA. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

HANOI, Mar 8, 2020, VNA. Rice processing firm Chen Yi Agventures Inc. of the Philippines plans to start exporting its high quality rice brand to Asia or the Middle East this year, Vietnam News Agency reported.

Chen Yi Agventures is the company behind ultra premium rice brand Dalisay, which won Third Best Rice at the World Rice Conference last year, marking the first time the Philippines has been recognised as a world class producer of rice.

The firm has invested 1.7 billion peso (about 33.5 million USD) in a rice processing centre in Leyte which uses end-to-end Japanese technology.

For the production of Dalisay Rice, it is implementing a programme which involves organising farmers by providing low interest loans, as well as high quality fertilizers, pesticides, high yielding inbred seeds, as well as high-tech planting and harvesting equipment.

Farmers under the program have seen their yield increase two to three times and their income rise by over 10 times.

Dalisay Rice, launched just last year, is currently being sold online, as well as in more than 150 supermarkets in Manila.

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