China-produced drone for aerial surveillance crashed in Cambodia

CMAC experts inspect on the unidentified drone. CMAC. Photo: The Khmer Times. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

PHNOM PENH, Jan 19, 2020, The Khmer Times. The mystery surrounding the crashed drone in Koh Koh Province’s Peam village, Koh Sdach commune, Kiri Sakor district deepened with new revelations, The Khmer Times reported.

The military armed forces website identified the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone is of the type: HarbinBZK-005, with ID number 1701002 and is believed to have been operated by a neighboring country for aerial surveillance when it went out of control and crashed.

The BZK-005, if confirmed, is a high altitude, long range UAV used primarily as a long range reconnaissance aircraft designed by Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics and Harbin Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

BZK-005 has a few stealth features integrated into its design. It is believed that a satellite data link antenna is held in its large upper body dome.

Under the body there are optic-electric sensor systems. It is expected that BZK-005 has cruising speed of around 170 km/h, service ceiling 8,000 m, max take-off weight is around 1,200 kg, max payload over 150 kg.

It is believed that since 2018, thus UAV has been made available to the export market.

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