Chinese border city Hunchun steps up corridor building to Russian port

Railway Station - Hunchun. Photo: Belt & Road News. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

CHANGCHUN, Jan 13, 2020, Xinhua. Hunchun, a border city in northeast China’s Jilin Province, will upgrade existing highway that leads to Russia’s Zarubino Port in 2020, the provincial government said, Xinhua reported.

Hunchun is home to four national-level rail and road ports, and only 71 km away from Zarubino Port.

Jing Junhai, governor of Jilin, said in the government report that the international transportation corridor, named “Binhai No. 2,” will be steadily advanced this year.

The projects that will begin construction within the year include upgrading of the highway linking Hunchun and Russia’s Slavyanka Port, and expansion of Kraskino Port, which will greatly promote clearance and cross-border transportation efficiency, said Zhang Liang, deputy head of the city’s shipping administration bureau.

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