Marshalls’ president yet to decide on pursuing second term

Hilda Heine speaking at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Photo: Facebook / PresidentOfficeRMI. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

D-U-D, Nov 15, 2019, RNZ. The president of the Marshall Islands says she’s yet to consider whether she’ll have another go at becoming president, Radio New Zealand reported.

Hilda Heine’s four year term as the first woman president of the Marshall Islands – and currently the only woman head of government in the Pacific – ends on Monday, when the country goes to the polls.

She’s running again for her seat in Parliament, but she was still considering whether she would put herself forward for a second term when the new Parliament elects a president.

“I cannot dream about becoming a president if I am not elected yet, so I’ve gotta wait and see if I’m elected then I’ll consider whether or not I should continue or whether it’s in the best interests of the country or of myself to seek another term as president of the Marshall Islands.”

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