Australia’s PM comment that made parliament erupt in laughter

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks during a joint press conference held with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Photo: Reuters. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

CANBERRA, Oct 8, 2020, Scott Morrison has had the chamber in stitches during Question Time on Thursday, reported.

Labor MPs have erupted into laughter after the Prime Minister was asked a Dorothy Dixer from his Queensland colleague, Phillip Thompson.

“Will the Prime Minister outline to the House how the Morrison Government’s economic recovery plan benefits all Australians by creating jobs and rebuilding our economy from the COVID-19 recession?” Mr Thompson asked.

“This is a Budget for all Australians, it’s for all Australians in the national interest,” Mr Morrison said in his extensive answer.

But it was his gibe at the end of his answer that had Labor amused.

“It’s a Budget that brings Australians together,” Mr Morrison said.

“We came here to build Australia, Mr Speaker, not pick fights,” he said, prompting laughter from across the chamber.


Labor’s early education spokeswoman, Amanda Rishworth, on Thursday grilled Prime Minister Scott Morrison over the government’s support for the childcare system.

“Can the Prime Minister confirm that because of the childcare system he personally designed, thousands of parents are knocking back extra work because it costs them more in childcare than they earn at work?” Ms Rishworth asked.

But Mr Morrison said the changes made by the Coalition had enabled Australia’s workforce to reach levels of female participation “this country has never seen before”.

“It results in $9 billion being spent each and every year to support the childcare needs of Australian families,” he said.

“Those opposite couldn’t put a policy together at any election.”

The Opposition refused to let up on the issues facing women during the coronavirus pandemic with several questions, including why the government racked up a trillion dollars in debt but left people behind.

But the points were swiftly rejected by Mr Morrison and his ministers, with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg only responding to two questions the whole of Question Time.

“Those opposite say that the Government has spent too much and then they say we have not spent enough,” Mr Morrison said.

“They say that the debt is too high but then they seek to add to it.”


The Prime Minister has addressed why there was no money to build social housing in the Budget.

“That is a responsibility of the state and territory governments,” he said.


Earlier in the week, Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack said he loved infrastructure.

But on Thursday he was giving his other portfolio, regional development, some love.

“We are optimistic about regional Australia … Give us a cheer, everybody who’s optimistic about regional Australia,” Mr McCormack said, to the cheers of his colleagues.

“Hear, hear, absolutely.”


Scott Morrison has offered a tip to the Leader of the Opposition.

“If you’re a person of conviction, you need to be consistent in what you’re for and consistent in what you’re against, Mr Speaker. You can’t be for both at the same time,” he said, prompting jeers from across the chamber.


A by-election in the Queensland seat of Groom will be held on November 28, after the resignation of MP John McVeigh.

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