Driverless train passes first peak-hour test in the Sydney Metro Northwest

Trains running every three minutes from Chatswood kept the platform clear between 8.30 and 9am on Monday. CREDIT: PETER RAE. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

SYDNEY, May 27, 2019, SMH. The new driverless Sydney Metro Northwest, opens today, has passed its first real peak-hour test, reported The Sydney Morning Herald.

Trains along the new line were well-utilised on Monday morning (we’ll get the numbers for you later) and ran pretty smoothly, including at the crucial interchange points between the Metro and the double-decker train networks at Epping and Chatswood where there had been concerns about possible overcrowding if timetables didn’t line up.

About 140,000 people took a trip on Sydney’s first driverless metro line on the opening day.

We bumped into the state’s secretary for Transport, Rodd Staples, at Chatswood station who told us yesterday was “an exceptional day” in terms of the sheer volume of train spotters who turned up for a ride.

Mr Staples, who was the architect of Sydney’s plans for metro lines, said the rail system was coping well on the first weekday in operation.

“There’s a healthy number of people using the system on the first day,” he said.

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