Australian PM Scott Morrison egged by protester in Albury

The protester is apprehended by the PM's security team after she threw an egg at him. CREDIT: MARK JESSER / BORDER MAIL

ALBURY, May 7, 2019, SMH, AAP. A woman has been charged with assault after allegedly striking Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the back of his head with an egg. Mr Morrison was talking to a group from the Country Women’s Association in Albury on Tuesday morning when a woman “approached him from behind and allegedly struck him with an egg”, according to New South Wales Police, reported The Sydney Morning Herald.

The Prime Minister has been hit with an egg while campaigning in New South Wales.

Police say the 24-year-old woman has been charged with common assault, as well as possessing cannabis, which was found during a search.

Video of the incident appears to show the egg rolling off Mr Morrison’s head, intact. It is understood the egg was found nearby, uncracked.

The woman was quickly tackled by security. NSW Police say that in the process, a 70 year-old woman was knocked to the ground but no injuries were reported.

Shortly after the attack, Mr Morrison tweeted that his concern about “the incident in Albury” was for the “older lady who was knocked off her feet”. “I helped her up and gave her a hug,” he said.

Mr Morrison continued to campaign on Tuesday in the seat of Indi in regional Victoria, which the Coalition hopes to regain after the retirement of independent sitting MP Cathy McGowan.

He later played down the incident, telling reporters: “Pardon the pun, but I don’t want to over egg this thing.” Mr Morrison said Australians needed to disagree with each other in a civilised manner. “We’ve just got to disagree better about these things.”

When asked about the incident, Labor leader Bill Shorten said it was “appalling and disgraceful behaviour”.

“In Australia, we have violence-free elections,” he told reporters in the marginal Victorian seat of Corangamite.

The woman allegedly responsible for throwing the egg spoke briefly to journalists outside the venue in Albury, while carrying a six pack of eggs. She said she had not intended for a woman to fall over, saying: “I am sorry for that.”

When asked if a peaceful protest would have been better, she replied: “Cos that gets through.”

She has been granted strict conditional bail, according to police, and is due to appear in Albury Local Court on May 27.

Meanwhile, in Tony Abbott’s seat of Warringah, in Sydney’s north, NSW Police officers on Tuesday morning collected faeces hidden inside a book that was dumped outside his electorate office.

The faeces were placed inside a hollowed-out book that had the word “unpopular” written on the cover, according to photos published by News Corp Australia.

The incidents come after a teenager, colloquially known as “egg boy”, cracked an egg on far-right senator Fraser Anning’s head during a press conference in March. The teenager was issued with an official caution. Senator Anning, who responded by punching the 17-year-old boy, was also not charged.

In 2013 a school student was suspended after he was held responsible for throwing a Vegemite sandwich at then prime minister Julia Gillard. In 2010 an anti-war protester threw his shoes at former prime minister John Howard during an appearance on Q&A.

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