Sex workers, models send nudes in exchange for Australia wildfire donations

20-year old nude model Kaylen Ward, who reckons she managed to raise around $700 000 (just over R10 million) for the victims of Australia’s bushfire crisis in an unconventional way. Photo: Instagram. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

LOS ANGELES, Jan 8, 2020, National Post. Sex workers around the world will extinguish the Australian wildfires by flooding the Internet with their nudes — as long as a donation is made first. The novel fundraising idea went viral on Friday when Kaylen Ward, a 20-year-old model from Los Angeles who sells sexual pictures and videos online, sent out a tweet. She said that for every person who sent her a receipt showing a minimum $10 donation to a list of bushfire charities, she would send back a nude photo of herself, National Post reported.

Soon, dozens of women in the sex industry — some models, some porn stars, some sex workers — latched onto the idea and began offering their own nude photos and videos in exchange for donations to the Australian fire relief.

By Tuesday, Ward said she had helped to raise close to $1 million, but the National Post hasn’t been able to independently verify that figure. The Post has reached out to Ward but has not yet received a response.

Other online sex workers to jump on the bandwagon include porn star Riley Reid, as well as adult content creators Lena the Plug and Jenna Lee. Texas-based Lee, 30, who has long been interested in climate change action, saw the viral potential of nudes and knew she could help raise a lot of money.

“We’re all real people with good hearts, so I just knew that this was going to blow up,” she told the National Post. “And it being totally in my realm of capabilities, I think it would have been a disservice not to do it.”

Lee said she’s raised $40,000 since her fundraising efforts kicked off Saturday.

Courtney Claire, a 21-year-old full service sex worker in Melbourne, started offering nude photos and GIFs a day before Ward sent out her viral tweet. To spread her sexy philanthropy, Claire added herself to the dozens of sex workers who’ve picked up the hashtag #HoesAgainstScoMo. The hashtag, which seems to have started in December, refers to sex workers who are opposed Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, colloquially called ScoMo.

The Australian wildfires have devastated the country since at least November, charring more than 5.9 million hectares across six states. So far, 24 people have died and nearly half a billion animals are estimated to have perished, and Morrison has received lots of flak for his weak response.

When he visited a small town in New South Wales recently, he was heckled by wildfire victims and was seen walking away from a woman who directly asked him for help.

“He let his country burn while he went on vacation to Hawaii,” Claire said of the PM, who was criticized for taking a holiday in the U.S. at the end of December. “If he isn’t going to do anything to help, the hookers will.”

Claire said she’s helped to raise nearly $5,000 so far and aims to get that number to $10,000 by the end of the week.

The philanthropy doesn’t surprise Lee, who told the Post: “I hate to say it, but sex sells. To produce it is free and it’s instant. It’s instant gratification.”

As soon as she opens one of her direct messages, Lee immediately sends a photo of herself, and it’s the same photo for each person. She said she doesn’t have enough time or resources to make original content of herself for every donation. She verifies a receipt by looking for clues, like misspelled words or a bad photoshop job.

“Once I determine it’s real, I just drag and drop my photo in and then hit send. I don’t have time to say thank you and blah blah blah. I just need to move on to the next message.”

Lee said she’s getting upwards of 100 messages per hour but, due to Twitter policy — the site only lets users send 1,000 messages a day — she’s capped out at a certain financial amount.

Ward said on Twitter Sunday that due to her fundraising efforts, her Instagram account was suspended for violating the company’s guidelines. Since then, dozens of fake accounts with thousands of followers have popped up on the image sharing platform, claiming to be the model.

Meanwhile, she claims her family has disowned her, and says a guy she was interested in has now stopped talking to her.

“But f—k it, save the koalas,” she tweeted.

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