Delhi crimes rose by over 20 per cent against India’s 3 per cent in 2018-19

Police swung into action after recieving the call and a bomb disposal squad along with a dog squad were called to the spot immediately. (Photo: ANI). Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

NEW DELHI, Sep 30, 2020, Hindustan Times. Crimes in Delhi increased by over 20% from 2018 to 2019, a period when the national crime figures saw a rise of just three percent in cases registered under the Indian Penal Code (IPC). As per data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), thefts accounted for most of these crimes in Delhi. Over 82% of the 290,000 crimes in Delhi were thefts which saw an increase of 25.7% from 2018 to 2019, Hindustan Times reported.

In sharp contrast, thefts accounted for just a little over 20% of the 3.2 million crimes across India and the overall thefts increased by 8%.

Where Delhi stands in terms of thefts can be gauged from the rate of thefts — the number of crimes per 100,000 population — which stood at 1,233.6 in the national capital in 2019 even as the national theft rate during this period was just 50.5. In fact, even Maharashtra — the state second in terms of rate of thefts — was at 78.8.

The Delhi Police as well as many experts have often attributed the high theft figures to the willingness of the force to truthfully register such cases.


Vehicle thefts, which have tormented the national capital for long, witnessed a marginal dip of 0.46%. While 46,433 vehicle thefts were reported across Delhi in 2018, last year saw 46,215 such thefts.

Yet, the scene in Delhi remains bleak when it comes to vehicle thefts since the rate of this particular crime was 231.8 last year. In comparison, the rate was 17.8 across India and 12.6 in the second-ranked state, Uttar Pradesh.

The Delhi Police says that its willingness to register all thefts often prompts complaints from neighbouring states that vehicle owners hope registering their vehicle theft in Delhi would help expedite the insurance claim process. And yet, Delhi Police officers have often urged vehicle owners to make their own security arrangements to protect their vehicles.


Meanwhile, the city continued to report high number of rapes; 24 such crimes were reported every week on an average to the Delhi Police. Rape cases in 2019 rose by 3% compared to the previous year.

The city also reported marginal increase in murders which went up 1.5% from 513 to 521.

Robberies, however, witnessed a substantial dip of 20% even though its rate remained the highest across India. Robbery rate in Delhi last year was 9.8 as against the all India rate of 2.3; and 6.3 by the next ranked state Maharashtra.

Robberies are different from thefts in the sense that robberies include use of force while committing a theft.

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