Delhi lockdown extended till May 31

Lockdown in Delhi. Photo: India Today. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

NEW DELHI, May 23, 2021, India Today. Lockdown has been extended in Delhi for another week, announced Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday. The lockdown restrictions in Delhi will continue till 5 am on May 31 but if the Covid cases continue to drop, “the process to unlock the city in a phased manner may start”. Delhi on Saturday registered 1,600 Covid cases, India Today reported.

While announcing the lockdown extension till May 31, Arvind Kejriwal said unlocking in Delhi may start after May 31 if the Covid-19 cases continue to decrease. He also said that the Covid situation in Delhi has improved in the past few weeks.

“If Covid-19 cases continue to decrease in the coming days, we will begin to unlock Delhi in a phased manner from May 31,” Arvind Kejriwal announced. Coronavirus in India LIVE Updates

Addressing a virtual press conference, Arvind Kejriwal said the Covid-19 positivity rate has come to 2.5 per cent in Delhi which was 36 per cent back in April. “1,600 new Covid cases were reported in Delhi in the past 24 hours,”

The Delhi chief minister said, adding that if the Covid cases continue to drop, “the Delhi government will unlock the city in a phased manner.” CM Arvind Kejriwal said the lockdown was required so that the gains made after much struggle are not lost.

Arvind Kejriwal reiterated the shortage of vaccines in the national capital and said he was in talks with vaccine manufacturers to ensure that the vaccine was available in Delhi, and asserted his government was ready to spend any amount for it.

“There is a possibility that the third wave won’t hit if everyone is vaccinated. We are planning to vaccinate everyone as soon as possible. I’m in talks with domestic & foreign companies regarding vaccines. We’re ready to spend from our budget,” Arvind Kejriwal said.

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