Chinese Santa Claus storms the internet

Chinese netizens share pictures of Tsui and wish each other a merry Christmas. [Photo/Weibo.com]

BEIJING, Dec 25, 2018, China Daily. “We wish you a merry Christmas” with pictures of Elvis Tsui seems to be the latest trend among Chinese netizens during this year’s Christmas, reported the China Daily.

Born in 1961, Hong Kong veteran actor Elvis Tsui has become the latest internet icon thanks to the classic character he played in the 1992 comedy movie Royal Tramp, where he looked a bit similar to Santa Claus, with a red hat and white beard.

The movie Tsui starred in was adapted from The Deer and the Cauldron, a novel by late Hong Kong novelist Louis Cha. Tsui played the role of Oboi, a malicious and greedy military officer who conspires to fight for the throne.

Also, the character’s name Oboi is pronounced similar to “all buy” in English, which encourages people to buy some gifts for loved ones during the Christmas season. And the coincidence further increases the popularity of Tsui.

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