China welcomes opening of Kartarpur corridor

In this file photo dated Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang speaks during a daily briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Beijing. (AP Photo/Andy Wong). Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

BEIJING, Nov 12, 2019, INP. China on Monday welcomed the opening of Kartarpur corridor, stating it is a good gesture on the part of Pakistan for promoting friendly ties with India, Independent News Pakistan reported.

While commenting on this important development, a spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Geng Shuang said, “we have noticed relevant reports and welcomed the positive interaction between India and Pakistan.

Both India and Pakistan, he added, are important countries in South Asia. It is in the fundamental interests of both sides to live in harmony with each other and is also the common expectation of the international community.

We hope that the two sides will continue to interpret goodwill and move in the same direction, properly handle differences through dialogue, improve relations, and jointly safeguard regional peace and stability.

Replying to a question about the recently held internal meetings between the governments of China and Afghanistan in Beijing, the spokesperson said, China firmly supports the process of broad and inclusive peace and reconciliation of “Afghan-dominated and Afghan-owned” and supports constructive dialogue between the Afghan parties, including the Afghan government and the Taliban.

On the basis of respecting the wishes of the Afghan parties, China is willing to provide a platform for dialogue and exchanges between the relevant parties and provide assistance for advancing the process of peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.

China was holding an internal meeting of the Afghans in China to maintain communication with relevant parties in Afghanistan.

Commenting on provocative remarks made against China by US secretary of State Mr. Pompeo during his visit to Germany, he said attacking Communist Party of China was for personal political purposes.

“ In the 70 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese Communist Party has led the Chinese people to realize a historic leap from standing up to becoming rich and strong, and has been heartfeltly supported by all Chinese people.

The leadership position of the Communist Party of China is the most essential feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics and is the choice of history and people.

The Chinese people have a firm confidence in their own roads, theories, systems, and cultures, and will unswervingly follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics and continue to achieve new glory.

No one should fantasize about shaking our beliefs and blocking the pace of our progress. Pompey’s thoughts on the Cold War’s thinking, denying China’s socialist system and provoking the relationship between the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people to serve their own political doctrine are doomed to failure.

It is worth noting that for some time, individual people in the United States have ignored the trend of the 21st century’s peaceful development and open cooperation to promote the law of human science and technology progress, politicizing and generalizing all technical issues and commercial cooperation into national security issues.

Attempts to artificially create a “curtain wall” of ideology between Chinese and foreign companies. In the absence of any factual basis, the US side repeatedly made rumors of Chinese enterprises, deliberately disrupted the development of Chinese enterprises and foreign cooperation, and harmed others. Not only did China resolutely oppose it, but the United States and other countries would not agree.

We must once again urge Pompei to abandon the ideological prejudice and the outdated Cold War mentality, return to reason, abandon the practice of disregarding the interests of the Chinese and American peoples for personal political figures, stop the chattering anti-China rhetoric, and do something consistent with the status of the Secretary of State, ” he added.

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