Risk of Taiwan Strait conflict ‘at all-time high’: Think tank

USS Chancellorsville, according to a Facebook post by the U.S. Seventh Fleet late Saturday. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

BEIJING, May 21, 2021, SCMP. Tensions across the Taiwan Strait have risen to the point where the risk of armed conflict is at “an all-time high”, according to a Beijing-backed think tank, South China Morning Post reported.

The China Cross-Strait Academy released a report on Wednesday on relations across the narrow stretch of water that separates mainland China from Taiwan. It said researchers had looked at factors including the two sides’ military strength, trade relations, public opinion, political events and support from allies, concluding that they were “on the brink of war”.

The think tank, based in Hong Kong, is newly founded and led by Lei Xiying, a committee member of the Communist Party-backed All-China Youth Federation.

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