China-Uzbekistan telemedicine system put into operation

A cardiologist has a pre-op consultation with a patient via webcam. Wikimedia Commons. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

NANCHANG, Apr 26, 2020, Xinhua. The China-Uzbekistan telemedicine system was put into operation Saturday to help the Central Asia country’s fight against COVID-19, according to the health commission of Jiangxi Province in east China, Xinhua reported.

The two countries will make full use of the system, which was launched on Jiangxi’s telemedicine service platform, to carry out medical consultations and remote diagnoses of COVID-19 and share China’s anti-epidemic experience, Wang Shuiping, director of the provincial health commission, said at the launch ceremony.

Wang said that with the establishment of the telemedicine system, China can better assist Uzbekistan in epidemic prevention and control, and will take the opportunity to extend medical cooperation and promote the development of health undertakings in both countries.

After the ceremony, doctors in Jiangxi conducted remote consultations on three patients through the system with their Uzbek counterparts.

On April 17, a 15-member Chinese working group left for Uzbekistan, taking with them more than 500 boxes of medical supplies donated by Jiangxi, including surgical masks, N95 respirators, protective suits, nucleic acid testing kits, goggles and ventilators, to help Uzbekistan fight against COVID-19.

The group has visited nearly 20 medical units in Uzbekistan and shared China’s experience in epidemic control, patients treatment and construction of makeshift hospitals with the Uzbek side.

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