Over 6,000 Venezuelans have entered Peru in last 48 hours

Photo: EFE. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

LIMA, Jun 14, 2019, ANDINA. The entry of Venezuelan citizens to Peru —through its northern border— has considerably increased after President Martin Vizcarra announced that migrants from the Bolivarian nation will be required passports and humanitarian visas in order to enter Peruvian territory, reported the ANDINA.

Long lines of Venezuelans can be seen at the Binational Border Attention Center (CEBAF) trying to enter the Inca country before June 15, date on which the measure will take effect.

This action is aimed at regulating the entry of migrants from the Bolivarian nation.

Last Wednesday, Prime Minister Salvador del Solar affirmed Peru acted responsibly and respectfully towards Venezuela when asking the Bolivarian nation’s citizens to have passports and humanitarian visas in order to enter the country.

As is known, the Peruvian Government deported 140 Venezuelan nationals with either police or criminal records, as well as those who had provided false information to immigration authorities at the moment of entry.

According to Tumbes region Governor Wilmer Dios Benites, over 6,000 Venezuelan citizens have entered the Inca country between June 11 and 12. So far, they have been asked for basic documentation, such as an IDs or Andean Migration Cards to allow their entry.

Likewise, he mentioned foreign citizens denote an investment that is covered with the regional government’s money.

Furthermore, the Governor explained each migrant goes through a vaccine evaluation. Thus, approximately 2,000 doses per days are necessary to meet the demand.

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