Peru allows construction, mining as phase 2 of reopening starts today

Lima, capital of Peru. Photo: ANDINA. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

LIMA, Jun 5, 2020, ANDINA. Phase 2 of the economic reactivation in Peru begins today, and there is a lot of expectation towards the resumption of some activities to generate the resources needed to afford the expenses and contribute to the dynamism of the country’s economy, ANDINA reported.

According to Supreme Decree No. 101-2020-PCM, the new activities that will be resumed in Phase 2 of the economic reactivation are listed as follows:


– Operating licenses and administrative acts
– Environmental impact studies and environmental management instruments
– Agricultural land titling and rural land registry
– Implementation of business plans


Stratum exploration in large and medium scale mining. Exploitation, benefit, storage, transport, and closure of mines in the following cases:

– Medium scale mining and related activities, with mining camps and/or set up auxiliary components and/or external housing exclusively for workers
– Small scale mining and related activities, and artisanal mining formalized, previously accredited by the competent regional authority


– Manufacture of prepared animal feed
– Manufacture of malted and malt-based beverages
– Manufacture of wines, other alcoholic beverages, and tobacco
– Distillation, rectifying, and blending of alcoholic beverages
– Winemaking
– Manufacture of tobacco products
– Manufacture of footwear
– Printing activities
– Printing-related service activities
– Repair of transport equipment, except motor vehicles
– Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies
– Repair and maintenance of other equipment that was not previously classified


– Public investment projects, private investment projects, public private associations, asset-based projects, as well as investments classified as optimization, marginal expansion, rehabilitation and replacement (IOARR), and the Comprehensive Plan for Reconstruction with Changes (PIRCC).


– Sale of motor vehicles
– Maintenance and repair of automobiles
– Sales of components, pieces and accessories for motor vehicles
– Sale, maintenance and repair of motorcycles and their components, pieces and accessories
– Sale, maintenance, and repair of non-motorized vehicles; sale of spare parts and supplies
– Retail sale of sports equipment at specialized stores
– Wholesale of other household goods
– Repair of other personal and household goods


– Legal activities
– Accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities; tax advice
– Architectural and engineering activities and related technical assistance activities
– Research and experimental development in the field of social sciences and humanities
– Veterinary activities
– Lodging (Aparthotel)
– Private security activities
– Security systems service activities
– Research activities
– Rent and operating lease of motor vehicles
– Rent and operating lease of other types of machinery, equipment, and tangible goods
– Wired telecommunications activities
– Wireless telecommunications activities
– Satellite telecommunications activities
– Other telecommunications activities
– Other business support service activities that were not previously classified
– Postal activities
– Messaging activities
– Water transportation related service activities
– Other transportation support activities
– Other professional, scientific and technical activities that were not previously classified
– Activities of business and employer associations
– Construction of roads and railway lines
– Construction of public service projects
– Construction of other civil engineering works
– Other facilities for construction works
– Collection, treatment, and distribution of water
– Wastewater evacuation


– Interprovincial road passenger transport services: private interprovincial transport services for the activities authorized in Phase 1 and Phase 2, as well as freight pipeline transportation

– Services offered by vehicle technical inspection stations, entities issuing certificates of conformity for vehicles, cylinder testing stations, NGV conversion certifiers and workshops, LPG conversion certifiers and workshops, as well as certification bodies issuing certificates of conformity, modification, manufacture and assembly

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