Ads push for US-Canada border reopening

Ashley Van Dorp of Abbotsford, B.C., shows her mother, Susan Halewood of Blaine, Washington, her Mother’s Day gift on May 10, 2020, across the Canada-U.S. border, which is closed to non-essential travel. REUTERS/Jennifer Gauthier. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

DETROIT, May 25, 2021, Click on Detroit. One man is taking to the airwaves calling on the White House to open the Canadian border. “Because the border is still closed, I lost my job,” a woman can be heard saying in an ad shown in three cities across the country including Detroit, Click on Detroit reported.

The ad calls on President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to reopen the US-Canada border.

“President Biden, Prime Minister Trudeau, my fiancee and I are separated by your closed border. It’s just a policy to you, but it’s a prison to us,” the woman in the ad continues.

The ad ran in Buffalo, New York, Detroit and Washington State.

“I’ve gotten calls from an attorney in Cleveland who sent $1,000. I got a call from some guy in Illinois. I’ve gotten a lot of calls from Canada,” said John Adams who is running the “open the border” ads.

Adams is behind the ads. He has a second house on Vancouver Island on the west coast. He has run more than 130 ads for just $2,700.

“The only way Justin Trudeau and the government is going to not see those ads is to do that,” Adams said while placing his hands over his face.

Jokes aside not being able to cross has been a major problem for Michiganders like Nina Pirrone who has a house on Lake Huron on the Canadian side with damage from erosion.

“Myself as well as the other Americans who have property over there realize the situation. We don’t want to go over there and bring a party or anything. We just want to check on our property,” said Pirrone.

The border closure is still in effect, extended for another month as both Michigan and Ontario have struggled to lower the cases of COVID-19. But Adams thinks he’s got the ear of the government or at least some people.

“I’ll guarantee you by Friday they will say that’s all we’re seeing or hearing about and they may not even see them but they will hear about them, which is even better,” he said.

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