Presidential plane carries coronavirus patients from Loreto to Lima in Peru

Lima, capital of Peru. Photo: ANDINA. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

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LIMA, May 19, 2020, ANDINA. Peru’s Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos on Sunday supervised the transfer of 16 COVID-19 patients to Lima as part of his visit to the rainforest region of Loreto. “Today we are taking 16 COVID-19 patients to Lima, including civilians and health workers, so that they can receive adequate care at Ate Hospital or at the Pan American Village,” he said on Sunday from the city of Iquitos, ANDINA reported.

Zeballos, along with Ministers Gaston Rodriguez (Interior) and Gloria Montenegro (Women), held a meeting with provincial mayors of Maynas and Nauta, as well as district mayors, to bring together preventive measures against COVID-19 at markets, banks, and transport facilities.

“There must be a commitment on the part municipal governments to enforce social distancing. This is not only a police issue, but a joint work, undertaken with local governments. We must work all together,” the President of the Council of Ministers expressed.

“We tell Iquitos inhabitants that everyone has to be attended, every Peruvian must receive help. Hence the presence of Deputy Interculturality Minister (Angela Acevedo) here, to take care of native communities,” he added.

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