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Mr. Dmitrii S. Shcherbakov (Sept. 2019, Moscow, Russia)

Dmitrii S. Shcherbakov

Russian journalist since 2006, political and economic observer, public figure, businessman.

At present

Managing partner at the International news & analytical Pan Pacific Agency (Moscow-Vladivostok) and Communications agency for Asia-Pacific region Pan Pacific Agency. Managing partner at the Expert Advice Center (PR&GR, Moscow).

Co-founder of the Russian autonomous non-profit organization Far Eastern Agency for the Development of Internet Security (also DARIB, Khabarovsk).

Member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

In past

Editor-in-chief of the Russian news & analytical agency EastRussia (2017-2019). Head of the Far East editorial team of the Russian daily newspaper Kommersant (2011-2016).


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