Police support rally in Hong Kong on Saturday gathered 90,000

Residents take part in a rally at Victoria Park, Hong Kong, Aug 3, 2019 to show their support to the city's police, while wishing for the return of peace and order in Hong Kong. [PHOTO / CHINA DAILY]. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.


HONG KONG, Aug 4, 2019, China Daily. About 90,000 people turned up at a public rally at Victoria Park in Hong Kong Saturday afternoon to show their support and gratitude to the city’s police force, reported the China Daily.

The peaceful and full-of-positive-vibe rally, the third one since mid-June, was the silent majority’s answer to the city’s radicalism and violence mounted by protesters who have repeatedly thrown the city into chaos. Two earlier rallies saw about 480,000 people voicing their shared aspiration of bringing back peace and harmony to this stressed out city.

The damp and soggy lawns in Victoria Park were packed with participants, who held signboards and banners with messages such as “We support the police” and “Give peace a chance”.

The organizer, Politihk Social Strategic – a think-tank in Hong Kong, said around 90,000 people took part in the rally.

As one of the highlight of the public rally, youngsters took to the stage to remove their masks to reveal their identities, to mark a stark contrast to those masked radicals.

Some of the demonstrators, wearing T-shirts with “uphold the rule of law” printed on the front and “safeguard our home” on the back, waved the national flags and the Hong Kong SAR flags.

Emma Chan Ming-kwan who came to the rally with her 13-year-old son said she hoped the event could “teach him to tell right from wrong”. School education and biased media reports have failed to warn the younger generation about the consequences of violence, and therefore “I want to give him a clear message that we should support the police,” she added.

Law Cho-sing, 24, a professional boxer, told China Daily that he was not there to oppose protests, as Hong Kong values freedom of speech, but to make it clear that fanning or participating in violence and attacking the police are not acceptable.

Calling himself a member of the silent majority, Alex Yeung, founder of Wah Kee Restaurant – a chain diner, took to the stage to voice his respect for the city’s police force as they have made Hong Kong one of the safest places in the world.

Renato, a 46-year-old Hong Kong resident of Italian origin, said he came out to support Hong Kong police and the SAR government because he doesn’t agree with the behavior of unlawful protesters.

“I want to show the community that they have to stop violence against the police. The police are just doing their job, and they are keeping law and order in the city,” said Renato, a project manager at a trading company.

Allac Lam Wing-yum, 59, who works at a bank, came to show that Hong Kong is still a place where peaceful and rational expressions are always welcomed.

A retired school headmaster, surnamed Ho, said he believes it is necessary to reinforce education on the nation’s history and culture.

The participants, enjoying the relaxing but passionate moments, were heard singing along with the tune of Under the Lion Rock and the Glorious Years, when they were played. These songs are well-known for glorifying the spirit of Hong Kong and values cherished by its people.

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