Pan Pacific Agency will resume its newsfeed on Jan 5

A new year coming in Moscow, Pan Pacific Agency founder's headquarter. Photo: Pan Pacific Agency.

Dear readers!

Pan Pacific Agency wishes you a Happy New Year and only positive news in 2021.

Next year, we will continue bringing you the most relevant news and analytics starting January 5th.

On January 1-4, our news feed will not be updated.

Of course we also remember the highlights of the year on Pan Pacific Agency’s pages.

Here are five most popular news and analytics of 2020

1. Philippine biggest media company ABS-CBN may be replaced by China-owned Dragon Broadcasting Network

2. [Analytics] Singapore’s PAP’s self-inflicted election losses

3. Nationwide lockdown could be extended till Sept in India: Boston Consulting Group report

4. Water near Russian Kamchatka beach poisoned by commercial tanker leak: Source

5. National emergency declared over oil spill in Russia’s Norilsk

Good luck and all happiness in the New Year 2021!

Sincerely Yours, Pan Pacific Agency’s editorial team

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