“Asia-Pacific Region’s New Names” festival ends in Russia

Children at the annual festival “Asia-Pacific Region’s New Names”, Khabarovsk. Photo: Khabarovsk regional press service. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

KHABAROVSK, Mar 16, 2022, Pan Pacific Agency. A large-scale gala concert of the best artists to end the annual festival “Asia-Pacific Region’s New Names” on March 17 in Khabarovsk, Russian city at the border with China, according to the regional govt’s website.

The event brought together around 1000 participants from Russia, Japan, China, South Korea and Mongolia: more than 450 children from abroad and about 540 people from the Russian side. The foreign participants send video performances or artwork. Russian performers, musicians and artists participate in auditions and exhibitions offline.

The festival’s winners will be awarded monthly scholarships from the “New Names Foundation”, which they will receive throughout the year. During 32 years festival’s continuing, more than 20 thousand young talents flashed on its stage with their talents, of which over 2.5 thousand people became professional artists and artists.

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