Mongolian People’s Party wins 62 seats in the 76-seat parliament: Initial results

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Photo: The UB Post. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

ULANBAATAR, Jun 24, 2020, Montsame. As preliminary results are being updated for the 2020 parliamentary election, General Secretary of the Mongolian People’s Party D.Amarbayasgalan and other members have just briefed that the Mongolian People’s Party has won 62 seats so far in the 76-seat parliament – State Great Khural, Montsame News Agency reported.

He highlighted that the victory of the Mongolian People’s Party is marking the first ever occasion where a political party is about to gain the ruling power as a majority in the parliament for two consecutive times in the 30-year of the country’s democratic and free society.

“While we have much things to “bring into order” and we fully understand that it is our responsibility entrusted by the people to us, we are undertaking to fulfill our platform titled “Agenda for Development” starting today. All our efforts will be exerted to amend our mistakes and flaws and complete what we had started.” said Amarbayasgalan.

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