Pyongyang slams Seoul over U.N. human rights resolution

SEOUL, Nov 26, 2018, Yonhap. A North Korean propaganda website lambasted South Korea on Sunday for the latter’s participation in adopting a new U.N. human rights resolution against its regime, saying that it runs counter to the improvement of inter-Korean relations, reported the Yonhap.

On November 15, a United Nations committee adopted a resolution calling for accountability for gross human rights violations in North Korea.

The U.N. Third Committee, which oversees humanitarian issues, passed the document by consensus without a vote. It is expected to pass the U.N. General Assembly next month for the 14th consecutive year.

The South Korean government joined the consensus-based decision in accordance with a policy to work together with the international community for a “substantive improvement” in the human rights of North Korean people.

“Despite repeated warning, the South joined the U.N.-led human rights resolution against us,” Meari, the North’s propaganda website, said.

The outlet said the South’s participation in the U.N. human rights resolution cannot be justified in any case as it is part of the United States’ policies to stifle North Korea.

The U.N. has adopted a North Korean human rights resolution every year since 2005.

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