Japan’s chopper makes crash landing in Tokyo; crew unharmed

A Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force UH-1J utility helicopter with its tail boom snapped off is seen at the GSDF's Camp Tachikawa in western Tokyo, after it made a crash landing during a training exercise on Friday. Photo: KYODO. Sketched by the Pan Pacific Agency.

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TOKYO, Jun 21, 2019, Kyodo. A Ground Self-Defense Force helicopter made a crash landing at its camp in the suburbs of Tokyo on Friday, though both crew members escaped unharmed, the GSDF said, reported the Japan Today.

The UH-1J multipurpose helicopter was being flown in an emergency landing training exercise when it came down at Camp Tachikawa, at around 9:55 a.m. The chopper was split in half and its main rotor damaged.

A pilot and co-pilot were on board, according to the GSDF.

“We apologize for making residents in the neighborhood anxious,” Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya said at a press conference.

Multipurpose helicopters are used for transporting personnel and materials, and to carry out rescue missions during disasters.

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