Australian govt closes distance on Labor in new poll

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has recorded a video which sends a strong message to people smugglers about Australia's zero tolerance policy to illegal boats. (AAP)

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CANBERRA, Feb 18, 2019, 9News. The government has closed the distance on the opposition after a week that brought border security back to the forefront of the political conversation, reported the 9News.

Despite suffering a historic loss over the medivac bill, an exlcusive new IPSOS poll, to be published in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, shows public support for the government has risen sharply.

The Coalition is up three points to 49 per cent, while Labor dropped three points to 51 per cent in the two-party preferred.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison also maintained his lead over Labor head Bill Shorten as preferred prime minister, at 48 to 38 per cent.

But the government is sure to face scrutiny over an offshore detention security contract was awarded through closed tender.

The polling results were revealed after Mr Morrison recorded a video intended to send a strong message to people smugglers about Australia’s zero tolerance policy to illegal boats.

The recording, which is set to be distributed internationally in the coming weeks, contains a direct warning issued by Mr Morrison to asylum seekers.

“The Australian Government has zero tolerance for people smuggling and illegal boat travel to Australia,” he says.

“No one who attempts an illegal boat journey to Australia will ever be allowed to settle here.

“Make no mistake – if you attempt to come to Australia illegally by boat, you will not succeed.”

The two-minute video will be translated into 15 languages and aired online in ten countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Iraq.

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