Indonesia`s palm oil exports to Saudi Arabia can potentially increase

JIDDA, Dec 2, 2018, ANTARA News. Indonesia still has a good opportunity to increase palm oil exports to Saudi Arabia, as it currently supplies only 30 percent of Saudi`s vegetable oil demand, Indonesian Palm Oil Producers` Association Chief Joko Supriyono stated, reported ANTARA.

“We still have the potential to increase exports to up to half of (Saudi Arabia`s) total needs,” he noted on the sidelines of the Indonesia Expo 2018 held in Jidda on Saturday.

He said the Saudi demand for vegetable oils reaches 900 thousand tons per year, while Indonesia currently exports 370 thousand tons of palm oil to the Middle East country every year.

Indonesia has a good opportunity to increase its palm oil exports to Saudi Arabia owing to several advantages, including its long-standing close relations with Saudi Arabia, he stated.

In addition, the number of Indonesians visiting Saudi Arabia for Hajj pilgrimage and minor Hajj pilgrimage (umroh) is also high, so there is demand for Indonesian food.

“They come from a Muslim developing country. Most of them prefer fried foods,” he noted.

However, comprehensive promotion must be conducted to popularize palm oil since the Saudi people have, so far, used sunflower oil or olive oil, he added.

Reporting by Sella Panduarsa Gareta, Suharto
Editing by Yoseph Hariyadi

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